Launching July 2020

A new way for local tradesmen to find local jobs. RoofSub app provides roofers with leads and jobs in the local area, across the country and worldwide. If you’re looking for work, you’ll have all the latest jobs at your fingertips.

To register your interest please email

Thank you all for your interest in joining RoofSub, our aim is to provide more jobs for local roofers from June this year. Over the past few years I have built up and now send work to over 600 Locksmiths nationwide, I now plan on replicating this within the Roofing industry. I will be running a 3 month trial and sending work out to roofers in and around London and taking a percentage of each job, RoofSub does not ask for any upfront fees so is completely risk free, our aim and ambition is to run the business on trust. However to be clear I fully expect some Roofers not to pay our percentage, work out a side arrangement with the customers and carry out substandard works. Our team will follow up with all customers and make field visits to ensure this does not happen, however if this does we simply will not send any further jobs. Over the next three months I will be working with ten Roofing companies with the goal of working and establishing relationships with Roofers that complete high quality work, keep their customers happy and show they are able to win jobs over other roofers. The plan from now is to launch on 1st June 2020 sending each of you one job at a time, once each job is completed, please update us with the result so we can update our records and send our invoice, RoofSub will then send over another job, many of the jobs we send may be customers requiring quotations, some will be small jobs and others larger and new roofs etc.. For a full list of areas where jobs will be generated please message me directly or if you have any other questions. Please remember this is a trial period and completely different from the Locksmith trade and I’m sure there will be unexpected issues that arise which we will manage accordingly. I look forward to working with you all and  assisting you in winning extra jobs moving forward.